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Mitie & Custom Solar

Custom Solar enables Mitie to deliver truly integrated solar power solutions in the public and private sectors and make renewable energy more accessible for our clients.

Sustainable energy solutions for all

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Custom Solar delivers large, complex solar photovoltaic (PV) projects to suit your environment, as well as battery storage solutions, electric vehicle chargers and car ports.

Its design and installation expertise, combined with Mitie’s industry-leading project management and mobile engineering offering, will support our ambition to deliver leading, end-to-end green energy solutions for all our customers.

Accelerate the journey to net zero

With demand for sustainable energy solutions set to increase significantly, UK solar power generation is targeted to reach 40GW in 2030. Our strategy is to deliver truly integrated solar PV solutions, building on Custom Solar’s expertise in upgrading electrical infrastructure and providing grid connections, to support the UK’s decarbonisation agenda.

This complements our acquisition of Rock Power Connections which specialises in high-voltage electricity grid connections, electrical infrastructure upgrades and EV charging installations.

A large amount of solar panels on a roof

As we move towards net zero we need to see mass adoption of renewable energies and the combination of our expertise and industry knowledge paired with Mitie’s strength, drive and ambition will only go to make this goal more achievable in a shorter time frame.

Matthew Brailsford, Managing Director, Solar & Storage Solutions, Mitie (formerly MD of Custom Solar)

Combined power of Mitie and Custom Solar

We provide a comprehensive suite of design engineering services including structural surveys, full CAD and PV*SOL designs, return on investment calculations and specification and tendering services.
Our planning and development service can support you to submit and secure District Network Operator (DNO) approvals, export limitation designs and obtain planning permissions as required.
We have leading experts ready to help you through installation and commissioning, including preparing construction plans, performing risk assessments and producing method statements.
We don’t stop at design and installation – we also deliver specialist ongoing operation and maintenance services such as remote system performance monitoring and equipment replacement and upgrades.

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